Strategy & Implementation Summary

AMR-FRL’s primary business goal is to provide a reliable, in-home fall recovery lift system to the physically challenged around the world. Physically challenged individuals are often at a higher risk of falling and will benefit from the unique and comprehensive safety features offered by the Fall Recovery Lift Unit. Our product will allow physically challenged individuals independence, safety, dignity, and the ability to remain in the comfort of their private homes.

AMR-FRL will successfully bring this innovative product to market by contracting development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing services through third-party vendors. AMR-FRL has contracted with MAKO Design and Invent to cover all design and prototyping activities related to the lift section of the unit. MAKO is an industrial design, electrical design, and mechanical design firm that serves both corporate manufacturers and startup inventors. AMR-FRL will contract with Aethon to manufacture the autonomous mobile robot section of the unit. Aethon will provide final assembly, quality control, testing, drop shipping, service/repair, and product installation. As the product prepares for the marketplace, AMR-FRL will utilize the Nebo Agency for all sales, social media and marketing activities.