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AMR-FRL will manufacture and sell the Fall Recovery Lift Unit. The Fall Recovery Lift Unit combines the functions of fall detection, fall recovery lift, and emergency alert notification into a single autonomous mobile robot unit. The unit comes equipped with first aid resources, automatic door opening features for emergency medical services personnel access, and victim location support.

The Fall Recovery Lift Unit will support an individual weighing up to 500 pounds. It utilizes smart mapping navigation technology to learn the floor plan of a home. The robot will quickly and safely reach the victim and assist them in returning to a safe position for freedom of movement such as a standing position or back into a wheelchair. The unit also comes equipped with smartphone applications for video alert communications, emergency contact notifications, and automatic door opening functions to assist local emergency medical services. This product will be a lifesaver to countless individuals who have fallen, and it will help prevent additional injuries.

Mr. Thomas came up with the idea for this product five years ago after experiencing numerous non-injury falls after which he could not get off the floor for several hours. He tried contacting neighbors for help and utilizing his home-based Life Alert & Mobile Alert devices but was still left waiting for help for far too long. He knew there had to be a better solution to waiting extended periods for the right support to assist in fall recovery.