Welcome to AMRFall Recovery Lift Company

Autonomous Mobile Robot – Fall Recovery Lift Company, from now on referred to as “AMR-FRL” is a social entrepreneurship project started in 2019 and resides in Waldorf, Maryland. AMR-FRL offers an autonomous mobile robotic human body lift recovery solution for disabled, and senior citizens who experience a minor or non-injury fall to the floor and are unable to get up. The Autonomous Mobile Robot – Fall Recovery Lift Unit, from now on referred to as the “Fall Recovery Lift Unit” utilizes unique, cutting-edge technology and functionality to immediately assist the physically challenged when a household fall accident occurs.

Currently, there is an increasing population of residential victims suffering from a non-injury fall that need assistance with getting off the floor because they either live alone or have no one to help them. Due to the delayed and sometimes prolonged response to address residential non-injury falls, many situations have led to severe injuries, hospitalization or even death. The company will offer the life-saving Fall Recovery Lift Unit to a global market. This product will allow users a reliable option to more safely remain in their private homes.

AMR-FRL is owned and operated by Due Diligence Investments LLC and is a sole proprietorship. Mr. Robert C. Thomas is the Founder, CEO, and inventor of the innovative Fall Recovery Lift Unit. Mr. Thomas is a member of an ethnic minority group (African American) and a physically challenged stroke survivor who has experienced numerous non-injury falls over the past 9 years while living alone. Mr. Thomas formerly worked for NASA as a management analyst. He has a background in forensic psychiatry, criminal justice, and information technology. Mr. Thomas will manage all financial, research, administrative, and business operations. He will outsource development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing through a team of qualified companies.

The purpose of our company’s business plan is to obtain $750,000 in initial prototype funding to launch the development of the Fall Recovery Lift Unit. The funding will allow the company to cover startup costs fully and to build a successful prototype Autonomous Mobile Robot – Fall Recovery Lift Unit. Additionally, the funding will be used to contract development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing activities through third-party companies and bring this product to market. The funding will provide a reliable and trusted foundation for the next generation lift and future lifts. By 2022 the company will move from a home office to corporate office space to accomplish the desired growth. The company will increase marketing and sales activities to establish a global presence and advocate for state-of-the-art resource-oriented solutions for the physically challenged community.